For Adobe ColdFusion application servers Release notes

Current version: 2.7 Beta build 20060501

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Notes for 2.7 Beta build 20060501

  • Added inlineerrors attribute and substantial changes to support them
  • Added timespanpicker
  • Optional parentheses in caption to modify what is displayed in error messages
  • Focusfield default failing as looking for fieldname instead of name.
  • Added accelerator style to access keys.
  • Hashes now escaped in terrarule.
  • terrarule now deduces fieldList attribute based on fields in rule.
  • added labelTransformRegex and labelTransformSubstring attributes.
  • change \ in settings.cfm to / for Linux support.
  • added name attribute back in for XHTML. It's deprecated but qForms needs it.
  • no longer throws an odd error when labels without associated fields encountered.
  • added support for multiple required fields messages.
  • HTML label tag mow wrapped around cf_terralabel labels.
  • added focusTo attribute.
  • moved generation of required fields error down so that custom validation may manipulate the list of missing required fields.
  • Blue Dragon compatibility: cfcatch/ -> cfcatch / .
  • Default is a reserved word.
  • New JS function setDisabled() to be available for all fields.
  • a unique ID is now assigned to each field unless the developer has assigned one already.
  • added datepicker.
  • if the URL scope is used, then TerraForm now automatically uses the GET method instead of POST.
  • added grouplist and groupcolumn attributes, to allow grouping of options, initially on select boxes only.
  • fixed bug where " in a field processed by cf_terrarule threw an error.
  • added stars format.
  • added FCKEditor support.
  • enhancedfile nows cleans up bad characters in file names.
  • Form was not submitting in Netscape 4 due to hidden field being wrapped in style display:none.
  • bugfix: qForms validation failing with timepicker.
  • changed CGI.path_info to .script_name (path_info is blank in apache).
  • added missing pageLocale definition.

Notes for 2.6 build 20031203

  • Improved support for Mac Safari and Mac MSIE
  • renamed terraform_core to terraform_udfs
  • Improved required field flagging -- now only the first required flag in a field is used, and you can now add #chr(27)#* to the caption of grouped radio buttons
  • Data loaded into HTMLHead duplicated when multiple forms on a page -- fixed
  • relative settings path now relative to page only
  • caption first letter now capitalised when at the start of an error message
  • Moved much JavaScript into external files
  • New XHTML attribute allows choice between and XHTML (Experimental feature: TerraForm has not achieved full XHTML compliance at this time)
  • attributeslist (a list) replaced with ignoredAttributes (a struct) to improve speed
  • Several small XML support issues

Notes for 2.5.1 build 20030913

  • Tag context bug introduced by a fault in 6.1 -- fixed
  • textarea bugfix (thanks Greg Walker)
  • added detection of form state tampering that could bypass validation (thanks Matt Smith)
  • bugfix accesskey labelling
  • Now added option of inserting flag markers (#ESC#*) into formats
  • tweaked debugging info

Notes for 2.5 build 20030729

  • Calendar fixed where two forms on a page
  • soEditor and ActivEdit extensions now included
  • Datatype packs now included
  • Added disabledDates to calendar
  • improved layout control for checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Timepicker now supports null
  • A few bugs in enhancedfile
  • Added gender, timezone presets. Added country codes to country preset.
  • Added HTMLArea format.
  • doc, function, and CFC method now allowed in inputscopelist
  • attribute allows editing and returning an doc
  • improved terrarule - each {} value is evaluated individually before insertion in the rule, which is subsequently evaluated
  • improved disabled field support
  • improved debugging output
  • added multilingual captions
  • automatic access key flagging in labels
  • added multi-language support for terralabel
  • added jsMask
  • & is no longer replaced with & when inserted in a field. This means codes such as — will appear as the symbol itself rather than the markup code.
  • Added the following keys to request.terraform.locale: locale.language,, locale.javaLocaleId
  • real numbers being rounded off by localization bug resolved

Notes for 2.1 build 20030405

  • full variable name now allowed in inputscopelist
  • fixed bugs: commas in spinedit field, textarea counter not updating, < not being handled correctly in input data<
  • added validation rules via cf_terrarule
  • Improved whitespace management
  • increased XHTML compliance
  • added qForms n selects related compatibility
  • added extra passthrough attributes to formats
  • added automatic required field flagging
  • redesigned the settings file
  • added relative paths for custom validation and settings files
  • added formats: EnhancedFile, TimePicker, Null
  • added preset: USState
  • added datatype: UUID

Notes for 2.0 build 20030101

  • Fixed a Linux incompatibility - wrong case on a cfincluded template

Notes for 2.0 build 20021218

  • added "if ( objForm.#This.Name# )" to qForms code as qForms doesn't seem to generate an object for submit buttons, causing a error

Notes for 2.0 build 20021205

  • validator compliance tweaks

Notes for 2.0 build 20021203

  • TerraForm 2.0 released

A JavaScript forms API featuring client-side validation. TerraForm includes support for qForms as a convenient way to add client-side validation to your forms. qForms is a product of PengoWorks.


A WYSIWYG editor for web forms. TerraForm includes support for soEditor. soEditor is a product of SiteObjects.


A WYSIWYG editor for web forms. TerraForm includes support for ActivEdit. ActivEdit is a product of ActivSoftware.

eXtensible Markup Language
Uniform Resource Locator
Common Gateway Interface
ColdFusion Component
HyperText Markup Language
The coding language used to create hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web.
Universally Unique Identifier
a unique 128-bit code.
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