For Adobe ColdFusion application servers For BlueDragon application servers Release notes

Current version: 1.2b build 20041002

License holders: download your free upgrade.

Notes for 1.2b build 20041002

  • fixed CF5 locking issue
  • new cf_column link attribute mishandled - fixed

Notes for 1.2a build 20040929

  • Added French, Dutch, and German resource bundles

Notes for 1.2 build 20040924

  • added individual link attribute for each column
  • added localization facilities, added locale attribute
  • added BlueDragon support by adding a custom QoQ
  • wrapped a cftry around cfhtmlhead (which throws an error if used after cfflush)
  • added defaults for border, cellpadding, cellspacing
  • Bugfix: link="" was throwing an error
  • changed default thisPage to #CGI.script_name#?

Notes for 1.1 build 20040427

  • replaced src with resourcePath and added skins
  • now performs case-insensitive sort for CFMX only
  • added anchor
  • added enableCFoutputOnly to reduce whitespace
  • Fixed incompatibility - [] in QoQ
  • Added types: email, URL, price
  • Added locale-specific handling of numbers
  • Added expression attribute to allow flexibility in the appearance of data
  • Added missing reserved attributes

Notes for 1.0 build 20040208

  • cf_sorTable 1.0 released

A CFML web application server available for either J2EE Application Servers or the Microsoft .NET Framework. BlueDragon is a product of New Atlanta Communications.

Uniform Resource Locator
Common Gateway Interface
Macromedia ColdFusion MX
ColdFusion web application server version 6 or later.